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Dressing for the photo session is easier than you think. Start by picking a few colors everyone already has in their closet, which will make it both faster and cheaper to get dressed for your session. 

Consider the season. Maybe you'd like a particular pop of color (like the red you see in this family's photo session).


Regardless of the time of year, I always suggest starting with a neutral base. I think of a "neutral" color as a color you'd find often in nature.

For a relaxed look, jeans are always a safe bet. Jeans also coordinate with a variety of other pant/skirt options.  

If you're looking to go more formal, remember everyone should be as comfortable as possible, since they may be asked to move around or get cozy on the grass.

Finally, once you think you have the perfect outfit combos, lay them out on a bed or floor together. Seeing them all together before you're just about to head out the door will give you the chance to change something if you decide you don't like an accent scarf or shirt. And don't forget about shoes! Look at shoes, necklaces, hats, and ties, too!

Use the examples below for more inspiration!

3 cups


Dad in a

Neutral Sweater

Matching Outfits

for the girls

Tones of gray

for their brother

Mom in both gray & white

to match everyone

Blue jean one-piece

coordinates well with all tones of blue

Casual open collar

and basic white undershirt

Mom in jean x2

with subtle accessories

Dad in blue and white

with a slight orange accent

Mom & Dad

Both cuffed shirt sleeves

Mouse over me for more info

3 cups


Coordinating tops

Both off-shoulder style

Jean tones

match, not clash

Same Relaxed

hair styles

Simple & Natural


Her bracelets

match the red in her sister's top

How to enjoy your session

And survive a photo shoot with little ones and furry friends!

  • Don't be shy - ask for the thing you need to make you more comfortable during the session.

  • Bribe, bribe, bribe.  If you're bringing little ones, tell them what they get after the session if they're good.  It could be a trip to their favorite playground, a sweet treat, or an extra book before bed. 

  • For our furry friends, please bring their favorite treats - and lots of them! If they have a favorite toy, bring that along, too.  And don't forget the disposable bags for the gifts your friend may try to leave at our location.

But most of all...have fun!  This is your time to enjoy, relax, and let me capture the genuine happy times in your life.  Not only will I capture more if you're having a good time, but you'll also treasure the images more.

Newborn Sessions

Choosing A Date

We prefer to book newborn sessions before the birth of the baby and then we can make the date flex according to the actual birthday of your newborn. If you are adopting a child and would like to capture a baby session in the first days of your child coming home, please contact us so we can discuss logistics and be prepared to spring into action!

The Session

During the session, you will have some time to relax if you would like. We will take photos with and without you (depending on your preferences) and we may alternate between poses and people depending on how your baby is reacting to the session. We will have discussed ahead of time what your preferences are for groupings so we are sure not to miss anything.

Most likely, your baby will decide when the session is over. They'll know. You'll know. We'll know. And that's when we'll leave and begin the process of pouring over the images, selecting the best ones, carefully editing them, and delivering them to you in a digital gallery.

Safety & Comfort

Newborns look easy, but ask any newborn parent and they will tell you that just isn't so! During your session, your baby will cry when they are upset and eat when they're hungry and all of that will happen in the time that's needed to keep you and your baby as comfortable as possible. Plan on approximately two hours for your session, though some last just 90 minutes and some require up to three hours.


And while newborns are less fragile than you think, it's important for your photographer to handle your new family member with the utmost care, while capturing the precious details of your baby before they grow one minute bigger! Our newborn photography is a blend of posed and lifestyle photography, which allows us to capture newborns in their element - most of the time in the loving embrace of a family member, their comfy crib, or another soft and safe surface.


Your Home

Prior to the birth of your child, we'll chat on the phone about your home so we know where we might conduct the session. We will chat about props you'd like us to use, animals in the home, and any concerns you may have.

Before we arrive, please bump your thermostat up approximately 5 degrees higher than you normally would at that time of day (and at least above 74 degrees).


When we arrive, we like to introduce ourselves to your furry family members, who are likely a bit confused by the new arrival and possibly protective. We like to introduce ourselves to your baby, spending a bit of time holding the baby so they can get used to us and we can see how they respond to our techniques.

As we tour the space we will be using in your home, we will begin to set up. Our set up time is a great opportunity for you to feed the baby and get them ready for (hopefully) some sleep.

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